Nouméa Fashion Week 2019

Watch the video below to discover Ckoasa’s little creative world.

Le recyclage design

[MODE] Comment appelle-t-on un mix de mode et de protection de l'environnement? Du recyclage design… Dans LES MOTS DE LA MODE… Noumea Fashion Week

Publiée par Nouvelle-calédonie la 1ère sur Mardi 15 octobre 2019

Ckoasa showed for the second consecutive year, a full body jewellery piece at the Nouméa Fashion Week under the ‘Wearable Art’ category.

Under the audience’s applause and the sparking atmosphere in the room, Céline, Ckoasa’s égérie, walked the stage with elegance wearing the unique and outstanding body piece by Ckoasa.

This year’s creation was focused on the aluminium, as opposed to last year’s which was mainly made with upcycled tyres.

Watch the video above to discover the atelier where the magic takes place.

Contact us for unique creations, one of a kind jewels, directly via email at ckoasa.

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