Recycling + Design

Upcycling is about giving another life to forgotten trash. Ckoasa uses those materials to create beautiful designs. Therefore, giving the new product an even better value. Hence, UP-cycling. A can becomes a promise necklace, and a tire can turn into a gift!

Ckoasa reinserts those materials into a new circuit: The fashion one.

Our main materials: aluminum and rubber, inspire us. By touching them and feeling their texture and their shapes, Ckoasa brings to life unique designs.

In fact, Catherine uses simple tools to hand make our jewellery. This method with which she manages to create eccentric shapes and unique proportions, only requires scissors and knives.

Our core values brought us to chose materials that align with us. By creating using potential threats to our ocean, we hope to make our clients aware of the impact that those materials can have on our environment if thrown.