Handmade and created in New-Caledonia.

Stacks of inner-tube to bring some graphic element to your outfit.

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Like each jewel of our collection, the NAIA (party) earrings are handmade in New-Caledonia.

Created using stacks of inner-tube, they bring some graphic element to your outfit. They are as per usual, very light to wear.

We prepare each inner tube well, washing them with black soap and coconut oil. The clasp is made with stainless steel to last in time and prevent allergies. It’s designed to be able to close it at the back, to avoid losing them when you go on an adventure!

This design is a hymn to a place of friendship in New Caledonia. Naia is synonym with holidays and fun times. Parties, New Years, birthdays, you name it, it’s always happy. Celebrate with us and treat yourself with the stunning and sustainable NAIA earrings.

Hands-down one of our favourite earrings to go party with!


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