Light, sustainable and handmade in New Caledonia from upcycled cans.

Yes, it’s a combination of silvers: aluminium and high quality sterling silver.

Make your statement strong this summer, shop the NÉTÉA earrings by Ckoasa.

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Are you looking for sustainable earrings that will pair beautifully with all of your summer outfits? A jewel that weighs nothing but strikes interesting and challenging conversations?

Here is a fun fact for you, in New Caledonia, Ckoasa has become a reference in sustainability. Now people who are looking to make a statement, simply wear one of our designs.

Some are more out there than other but in the end, every single one of our creation says loud and clear: wear what you care for.

And so it begun, the conversation about sustainability between strangers. Now they’re likely to be friends!

The NÉTÉA earrings are popular with women who don’t tend to wear black and prefer a light palette in there outfits. They’re perfect if you are looking for a sustainable earring that still has a high quality silver clasp. We choose to use these ‘drop’ silver clasp to highlight the curves of the design. It’s also the perfect material for sensitive skins that are prone to allergies. And of course, silver is along last material.

We recommend however, cleaning it with a tiny bit of toothpaste to keep it as shiny as when you received it in the mail. Enjoy!


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