Ckoasa has been sparkling some positivity and receiving lots and lots of it back! This is a big thank you to everyone who has supported us during the year.

We pushed further, explored the lands, and creativity followed.

The following bracelets are some of the brilliant creations by Ckoasa. They are standing out. They feel powerful. And finally, they represent strong shapes and ideas.

Everyday they remind us of the strength we hold, the beauty of our world and why we must protect it.

It’s not just a bracelet. It’s a way to meet people, share a moment and raise awareness. In fact, it’s a great way to reach out and assemble.

They spark joy in the fierceful women that give our planet strength. This is one of the main reasons Ckoasa creates, to empower women. Empowering women who protect our environment and teach our kids about it. They are the foundation of a better tomorrow. We thank you greatly! We support you! We love you!

Kamendoua Bracelet

Nékoro Bracelet

Tanghène Bracelet