The ultra light KONIO earrings by Ckoasa are handmade in New Caledonia from upcycled materials like rubber and aluminium.

They are the perfect start to your new Ckoasa collection!

Available on back-order


Our ultra light KONIO earrings are created by assembling and superposing discs of upcycled aluminium and rubber.

The clasp is made of stainless steel to prevent rusting. It’s a beautiful high quality material that is very durable and great to avoid allergies if you have tendencies to do so.

The rubber is well prepared. In fact, we wash it with black soap and coconut oil to give it a beautiful scent of New Caledonia.

The KONIO earrings are fairly small and discrete. They are a great introduction to Ckoasa for friends and family. We highly recommend them as a first gift if you’re not sure what to chose. Of course, they always have the ability to exchange if they prefer a different design. For more information on our policies, check this page. 

One last word about the KONIO earrings, YOU WILL LOVE THEM!



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